The Employment Future with AI

ChatGPT, a new AI tool, will turn many jobs obsolete. Countless jobs will indeed be taken over by AI.”

Do you recognize the Industrial Revolution?

People were worried that machines would replace human jobs, but the new technology actually created additional work opportunities. With AI, we’re experiencing a similar trend. Sure, technology can automate specific job-related duties, but it also offers new business possibilities. Technology has an impact on the type of our professions. It’s not the number.

ChatGPT, a new AI tool, has taken the market by storm in recent months. ChatGPT is an interactive chatbot that uses advanced Ai models to provide human-like solutions to queries posed by users.

Based on the circumstances, it can generate articles, write poems, and resolve arithmetic problems. This AI chatbot just achieved the US medical license test, which is thought to be pretty challenging, as well as an exam of the fundamental Wharton MBA module. Buzzfeed announced that instead of humans, AI will be employed to generate content and quizzes.

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ChatGPT AI Use Cases

1- Marketing and Sales

Generate new user guide and write the basic text for emails and marketing.

2- Customer Satisfaction

Enhance chatbots to interact with consumers and address their concerns.

3- HR

Compose questionnaire form and tests for candidates, as well as assist with new hire onboarding.

4- Engineering

Provide boilerplate code and documentation for existing programs.

Does this signify that certain professions in startups are obsolete?

Are firms that provide these services suffering?

A developer recently stated that candidates for an internship opportunity passed off AI-generated ideas as their own. If everyone utilized AI, all of the responses would be identical.

As a result, the developer rejected them and made an unusual remark. I assign individuals a +1 for utilizing the tool, but a -10 for failing to improve and innovate beyond the tool. This is the difference. Those that leverage AI as a wonderful partner to help them with their work will stand out. You will stagnate and become obsolete if you depend entirely on artificial intelligence and do not utilize your own intelligence.

I'll just ask chatGPT what are its commercial applications :  r/ProgrammerHumor

Consider AI as an Opportunity

All current professions would adapt, hence employees would have to expand through upskilling and gaining experience. Critical thinking would be advantageous. One essential element of ChatGPT is that the user must supply the prompts.
Only the correct suggestions can generate the correct output.

Who will be issuing the prompts?

Us. Every new revolution has brought with it a new economic opportunity, and this will be a must.

Let me highlight some fantastic enterprises that have grown from GPT3, the AI forerunner to ChatGPT:

  • Algolia is a GPT3-based search engine.
  • Github copilot – Automated code creation within Jasper’s code – Automated copywriting driven by GPT3
  • – Customer reviewer response.
  • Quickchat – AI-powered multilingual discussions.

There is a huge opportunity here. These powerful AI technologies may supplement the capabilities of our existing teams in a variety of areas and can be used in lean teams.