Real-Time Customer Feedback

Improve customer satisfaction through measurement. Get instant feedback from guests, customers, employees, patients & more with our digital comment card.

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the paper comment card is so last century

The Digital Comment Card

Real-Time Customer Feedback

Our Digital Comment Card allows guests to fill out patent-pending digital surveys while still onsite at the business. Their comments, ratings, compliments and complaints are sent real-time to management. Managers can quickly gauge guest satisfaction, resolve issues and even publish positive comments on their own website.

Timely, Meaningful Reports.

All comments are instantly available in Ra2yak Comment Card's web console, where managers can view comments, detailed ratings, and overall satisfaction metrics. Weekly and monthly email reports also provide insight into trends over time. Management can even publish reviews to their web site or social streams.

Still Using Paper Comment Cards?

It's time to bring your customer feedback program into the 21st century.
Start using Ra2yak Comment Card today and begin improving your business!

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Happier Customers

Increased Engagement.

Digital Comment Card replaces those tired, old, static paper comment cards with a dynamic, sexy iPad kiosk that not only makes it easy to collect feedback from your customers, but also increases engagement.

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Improved Online Reputation.

Looking for a way to improve your online reputation? With Digital Comment Card, you can easily feature your positive customer feedback as testimonials on your website.

Resolve Concerns Faster.

There's no need to wait for weeks or months for a customer to mail a survey, complete a phone interview, or even go home and submit their feedback online. Digital Comment Card gives you instant feedback from your customers. You can solve problems before they even leave your business.

Enhance Business Operations

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson. Digital Comment Card makes it easy to measure and report customer satisfaction…which ultimately increases profitability.

Waiting 60 Days For Phone Survey Results?

We believe that even 24 hours is too long to wait to hear what your customers are saying.
Resolving concerns immediately is how you improve your business & Digital Comment Card can help.

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Improving Every Industry

Hospitals & Healthcare

Real-time patient feedback helps hospitals, doctors, dentists, and many other healthcare professionals. Monitoring the quality of services being delivered to patients over time, assessing patient reactions to practice changes, understanding how patients are currently using services, and raising awareness of changes at the practice are just a handful of ways real-time feedback from Digital Comment Card is being used in the healthcare industry. Feedback from Digital Comment Card helps the medical practices to improve based on accurate feedback, not guesswork.

Hotels & Hospitality

With Digital Comment Card, hotel guests can provide their feedback and receive attention from the hotel management while they are still staying at the hotel. They bypass the awkwardness of complaining face-to-face, the confusion over where to send feedback, and the feeling that they are not being listened to by the hotel. This real-time engagement between hotels and guests means conflicts and complaints are resolved onsite, leading to happier guests. Hotels no longer need to print guest comment surveys and wait weeks for feedback.

Retail Businesses

Customers can provide retailers with valuable insights on coming demands, styles or preferences, and often have suggestions on what additional products they would like to be carried. Digital Comment Card allows customers to share their valuable insights while they are still onsite at the business. Their comments, ratings, compliments and complaints are sent real-time to management. Managers can quickly gauge customer satisfaction, resolve issues and even publish positive comments on their own website.


Restaurants live and die by their online reputations. Keeping tabs on how their guests feel about food quality, restaurant ambience, and service can literally mean the difference between lines at the door and shutting the doors. Giving guests the opportunity to share their feelings about their dining experience before leaving the restaurant, not only makes the experience even better, it also keeps them from venting about a bad experience after the fact on social media and/or online review sites.

Attractions & Theme Parks

Gathering feedback while visitors are deeply engaged in the themed experience is the perfect time to gather feedback. Not only is it the most accurate, but it brings out the most emotional responses. Digital Comment Card is perfect for zoos, theme parks, historical sites, casinos, amusements, carnivals, water parks, theaters, and more. Digital Comment Card iPad surveys can also be used for gathering face-to-face visitor feedback across the park throughout the day.

Better Feedback. Better Results.

Isn't it time you moved your customer feedback program into the 21st century?
Start using Digital Comment Card today and begin improving your business.

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