Only Those With an Unlimited Mindset Will Survive!

George Dagher | Managing Director

We are not in unprecedented times. Throughout history, change has put many companies in the danger zone. Whereas other companies were able to reinvent themselves. The Covid-19 aftermath is not different!

Some Businesses disappeared due to accessible digital inventions such as video stores. Netflix for instance took over. Many taxi drivers ran out of business, because of Uber. They simply resisted to change. Grocery shops started to be replaced by the “newelneh” service. Local and international newspaper companies who didn’t alter to E-news are closing. Even “souks” are nearly empty nowadays because of the mall concept.

The only reason these businesses lost their share in the market because they resisted to change.

Again, we are not in unprecedented times in the business world.

More choking? Yes!

More sudden? Absolutely!

Today, instead of asking ourselves “how will we keep on doing what we’re doing”, we need to ask “how will we do what we’re doing in a different world”.

The world is different today. Businesses, entities and individuals can rise again only if they are willing to change and adapt. It’s about having an infinite mindset.

Regardless of the budget you have… It’s the unlimited mindset. It’s “how are we going to get through this?” versus “how are we going to change to get through this?”.

 Digital Echoes is always thinking about the future. We’re in a dark tunnel, but there is a light at the end of each tunnel.

This is an opportunity for us! The opportunity is what will we become and not how to preserve what we already have. That is an infinite mindset!

Digital Echoes team is doing things differently and is helping businesses re-invent themselves.

Today, the opportunities are magical. But we need to be prepared. If your business is at stake, we are here for you!

Together, hand in hand we can adapt to the change.

Do not hesitate to drop us a message!

Always remember, each tunnel happen to be longer than others, we just need to see the light. Stay safe and healthy!