No More Adwords – An Insight Into Google’s Giant Rebrand

No More Adwords – An Insight Into Google’s Giant Rebrand

Google has stepped up to make some changes in its advertising policies. If you are an expert in marketing and advertising, you must be aware of how Adwords work. Previously, the users could make use of the online advertising service to showcase their products and services to the world. However, the technology giant has decided to rebrand this service which now you will know as Google Ads. This rebranding change officially took effect on 24th July 2018. This move indicates that it is time to say your farewells to the old platform to make way for the updated platform.

Why Google updated the Adwords Service?

According to the announcement made by Google of the service, the update will make things easier for its advertising products. The concept of Adwords relies on Paid Search Ads on which it came to the world almost two decades ago.  The update allows the users to make use of a variety of resources. These include Shopping ads, Google Play Store, Maps, YouTube and so on.

A primary concern with using Adwords has been its limited approach. That’s because the searched keywords and terms fail to mirror the full capabilities of many business organizations. According to Google, the latest update will resolve all such concerns. The shift from Adwords to Ads will now include a wide range of marketing capabilities. This facelift is quite similar to the one Adwords got in 2017.

The update consists of some of the best features that include an entirely different appearance. The features include more visual coverage, advanced bidding options, and overview cards with promotion extensions.  It is not a surprise the tech giant wants to rebrand the platform. This is because it has added a lot the functionality and given the users a much better experience.

What are the other updates?

The Google Marketing Platform has seen a lot of changes since the Adwords update. For instance, the DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 service will also see some significant changes.  Other features will see quite a few changes in the coming days.

To carry on its Google Ads service, the tech giant will conduct special campaigns to help small businesses easily adapt to advertising techniques.

What to do?

If you are a business owner, you will have to adapt to the updated service quickly. To do this, you will have to modernize your marketing tools. Click here to know more about how the service works to boost your business productivity online.