It’s easy to be a CEO. What’s hard is getting there.

“It’s easy to be a CEO. What’s hard is getting there. There’s a huge Dip along the way.” Today, we would like to shed light on one of our favorite books by @sethgodin “The Dip”. Whatever your aim, you will experience a Dip, or a period of struggle.

Let’s say you want to master figure skating. Learning how to gracefully glide across the ice, and even skate backward, can happen pretty quickly.

But learning how to land a perfect quadruple jump will take a great deal of time and strenuous effort before you can perfect it. This is the time when you’re struggling – deep in the Dip.

The same experience can happen when you’re bringing a new business to life. At first, it’ll be smooth sailing as you fall in love with your exciting and innovative ideas. But then there’s the inevitable mountains of paperwork to overcome and figuring out how to solve the many problems that will arise during the early stages.

Chances are, it’ll be years before the Dip is over and you’re comfortable running a successful business.

The good news is, by recognizing these Dips for what they are, you can find comfort in the knowledge that they’re supposed to be difficult and that it will get easier if you just stick with it.

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