Google And The Elimination of ChatGPT.

Google is about to eliminate ChatGPT.

The AI battles are becoming extremely heated. ChatGPT shook the globe, collecting 100 million users in just two months. TikTok took 9 months to gain 100 million subscribers, whereas Instagram took 2.5 years.

ChatGPT posed an existential danger to Google’s search domination, forcing them to take action. First, they enlisted the help of the original founders, Page and Brin. And they just introduced their ChatGPT rival, Bard.

Bard trying to kill CHATGPT

Google, after all, is one of the world’s most advanced AI organizations. If you’ve been following the Google IO event for over a decade, you’ll notice that it begins and ends with AI.
That doesn’t mean they can’t be defeated at their own game. However, I believe Google will succeed.

ChatGPT’s Tweet about BARD

Why will Google succeed?

Google is the internet’s index. It features the most powerful engine, which analyzes nearly all new information on the internet in a few of days. In comparison, the ChatGPT language model only has data until 2021.

This suggests that it is unaware of current events. For example, consider the iPhone 14 or the latest China COVID pandemic.
This is a significant limitation.

Google has a large index of the internet, which allows it to train and update about current events in real time, making the information it offers more relevant and up to date.

Google has also invested $300 million in Anthropic, the makers of ChatGPT rival Claude.

Microsoft vs. Google in the AI Games

The fight is obvious. It’s not ChatGPT versus Bard. Microsoft has invested in OpenAI and plans to combine ChatGPT with Bing, as opposed to Google, whose search supremacy is under danger. So, what more does Google have up its sleeve?

Google intends to utilize Lamda, their existing AI. This is the same technology that Google Assistant (Ok! Google) utilizes, which is being used by millions of people across the world.

Another significant benefit is the cost. Because Google is an advertising corporation, its objective is to attract more users to use Google goods for free in order to profit through ads. That means Bard would be free to use, but ChatGPT has already established a subscription service for $20 per month.

Microsoft is close behind. They have integrated OpenAI’s GPT technology in a premium version of Microsoft Teams. They will also increase their investment in OpenAI.

This would be Google’s first time reacting so fast to possible competitors. I can’t wait to test out Bard and compare it to ChatGPT while it’s still in private beta.

Grab your popcorn, for the AI wars have just begun.