Everything You Need to Know About IGTV, Instagram’s Long-Form Video Platform

Everything You Need to Know About IGTV, Instagram’s Long-Form Video Platform

Instagram added an exciting feature to its already rich social media platform. The hugely popular social media contributor lacked a long form, mobile-friendly video platform. Thanks to the developers, users can now avail this feature on both the Instagram and IGTV apps. Since its introduction, numerous individuals have been itching to know more about IGTV and its effectiveness.  Here is a complete guide to IGTV:

What Exactly Is IGTV?

The application provides a mobile-friendly video content platform. This can result in a full screen and vertical shaped video, which perfectly fits a mobile phone screen.  According to Instagram, the video platform covers the whole screen.  The only major difference between IGTV and its superior application is that it consists of a long-form video content stage.

The application allows users to build up their own personal channels and post videos with duration of up to ten minutes. In case of larger accounts, the limit can reach up to an hour. Instagram has also ensured that future updates might even have no time limits for its users.

The IGTV app has a user-friendly interface with many easy options to choose from.  Once you open the app, a full screen video will start playing. You will be able to view the extra content at the bottom of your screen with different video tabs. The tabs follow a similar format to Instagram stories, which consist of a swipe design.

The videos fall under different categories, which include

  • Popular videos
  • Videos you follow from a particular channel
  • Incomplete videos that are automatically saved for viewing later
  • Videos suggested by Instagram
  • A video search bar from different channels

The IGTV app also consists of different channels, which include the username, the type of content and the entire creator’s collection. There is also a textbook connection between IGTV and Instagram, which allows you to easily get access to a video channel of someone you just started following on Instagram.

How to Access IGTV

The app provides access to everyone. This requires you to first create your own channel at Instagram’s online platform and then proceed. You can get more help at the instruction page on the official website.

Once you create an IGTV account, a seamless platform transfers your followers and important data from your Instagram account. This step quells any reservations you may have regarding your brand identity.

The Key to Shine On IGTV

Following the platform’s format is the key to success on IGTV. The format consists of vertical videos with different adjustment options in case of rotation. The comment feature should also be present in your videos to ensure the best results.

The brands who achieve success  in the long term avoid interfering with their video assets. This is why you should look to give your viewers the best possible viewing experience. This is achievable by keeping you content simple and significant.

Social media is a great place to invest and promote your brand. IGTV is an example of such platforms that consist of numerous exciting features for you to take full advantage of.

Instagram’s help center lays out additional tips for optimizing your video content for IGTV:

  • Length – between 15 seconds and 10 minutes; larger and verified accounts can upload videos up to 60 minutes
  • File type – MP4
  • Aspect ratio – vertical, minimum aspect ratio of 4:5, maximum aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Video size – up to 650MB for videos 10 minutes or less, up to 5.4GB for videos up to 60 minutes