A Guide to Simplifying Your Local Marketing Efforts

A Guide to Simplifying Your Local Marketing Efforts

Advertising and marketing a brand is becoming more complicated with time, especially for small businesses with limited resources and local operations. So, what can small businesses do to simplify the process? If your marketing strategies and efforts are geared driving towards targeted traffic from local cities and neighboring towns, local SEO is what you need to work on, as it is less complicated and more useful for drawing local business. For more information, let’s take a look at a few tips on how to simplify and improve your Local SEO and marketing efforts:

Complete Your Profile in Listings

Take the time out to list your company information in local business listings, web directories and search engines by adding correct contact info, address, social media links, etc. Also, add pictures and videos. As the saying goes, pictures say a thousand words. By providing exterior and interior pictures about your business, customers feel more comfortable about your listings. Not to mention, the more extensive your profile, the better your listing will appear to your customers.

Reputation Management

Nowadays, everybody has the ability to gain online access and leave feedbacks and comments on a business’ profile. This can work to your benefit or your detriment, depending on how you manage your reputation. Bear in mind that customers who choose interact with a business will often search for the company’s reputation online. Therefore, make it a habit to listen and respond to bad reviews. This way, you can establish yourself as a company that cares about its customers, giving you the opportunity to gain more business.

Be Consistent Across the Web

Being specific and consistent when it comes to your target audience is a key step in simplifying your marketing efforts. Therefore, make sure you don’t get sloppy or lazy while posting your business information in listings, and always try your best to post consistent and clear messages on social media websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

Assess Your Marketing Efforts

A recent study from Forrester revealed almost 66% of marketers think they do an excellent job at creating and personalizing marketing and advertising. However, only 31% of the consumers agree. This is mainly because not many businesses have enough data available to assess their marketing efforts. Of course, collecting more data may defy the initial purpose of simplifying your marketing efforts, but proper assessment of your work will help streamline the entire process. After all, the more you know about your audience, the better you can deliver targeted advertising.

Get More Mileage from Your Content

Last, but not the least, with limited resources, local businesses may find more success by creating a quality piece of content rather than customizing content for every channel (search campaigns, social media networks, and email marketing). Therefore, consider reusing your targeted message across media channels to simplify your marketing efforts and save time and resources.

So, now that you are familiar with the abovementioned tips, simplifying your local marketing efforts won’t be a problem.