5 Laws of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know About

5 Laws of Social Media Marketing Every Business Should Know About

Social media marketing and content marketing – a delicious combo for success, as long as it is handled and maintained correctly. However, bear in mind social media marketing is not just a trend anymore; it has grown to be a significant tool for creating a prominent presence in the digital world and global market. In addition, needless to say, SMM is here to STAY!

The only problem is though: there is a certain etiquette that comes along with marketing on social media. In addition, most businesses are not aware of this. Hence, they end up with poor marketing results overall. If you do not want the same for your business, look at these ingredients for social media success below – in the form of 5 vital SMM laws.

1.      The Law of Listening

Many marketers and business owners think it is all about talking when it comes to social media sites. However, in reality this approach is wrong. For social media marketing, it is essential that you talk LESS and listen MORE. Therefore, make sure to do your due diligence in observing the behavior of your target audience and listen to what they are saying about your brand. Then it is sensible to jump into any discussion, as you have gathered enough info to learn what is important to them.

2.      The Law of Focus

When it comes to social media marketing, its better you direct your strategy to a specific area rather than focusing on multiple areas. By knowing the ins and outs of specific highly focused social media and content marketing strategy, you have a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to focus on multiple aspects. For instance, if you are focusing on video marketing on social media sites, avoid letting your content marketing strategy or online contest arrangement come into the way.

3.      The Law of Visibility

Bear in mind that you cannot just create a social media page and forget about it after a few days. It is important that you be active and show your fans/followers that you are interested in hearing about their stories. The way businesses operate nowadays has changed significantly. If you are not online, then you simply do not have a business. You must increase your visibility. One way you can do this is to communicate and befriend with people in your network or blogging/participating in groups.

4.      The Law of Quality

There is no doubt in the fact – quality will always defeat quantity. Nobody wants the same boring content, be it in the form of video, photo, or text – and that too in huge quantity (Is it okay to share data that does not offer any value or perks to the reader/viewer?). In social media, it is all about being unique and creative with your ideas. Therefore, when you plan on marketing, make sure to deliver consumers quality over quantity.

5.      The Law of Patience

There is a reason why most people say: “You can’t gain success overnight”. Bear in mind that you need to give your strategies some time to work. Most often than not, social media marketing success does not even come in a year. However, the key to success is: you stay determined, patient, and motivated throughout. This way, you can learn what works with your target market and what does not.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, make sure to follow these above mentioned laws.